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Vikings, the norse raiders of the sea, were ancient warriors who stopped anyone who went in their way. The vikings were not always these strong, vicious fighters, they were also traders who colonized in Northern Europe, Scandinavia. Culture was very important in the viking age. Vikings believed in many gods and learned about their education daily. They have also wrote many religious runes before converting to Christian. Vikings made lots of achievements that people still use it today. SECTION HEADER Vikings believed in norse mythology. “According to,” they believed in two ethnic groups, the Asier and the Vanir. The Asier was ruled by a king named Odin. Odin was a god of war and lived in Asgard, the home of the Asier gods. He…show more content…
One of the most popular places the gods went was the Valhalla. The Valhalla is a hall where gods worship the fallen warriors. Another popular place gods went to was the Yggdrasil. The Yggdrasil was also known as the tree of life which connects all nine worlds together. The last and most famous event is Ragnarok. The video pointed out that the event Ragnarok was a final battle between good and evil where Asgard will one day be destroyed. Ragnarok begins when Heimdall blows his trumpet which will warn the other gods in Valhalla about the upcoming war and will bring back the dead. Balder and Hod will also be brought back to life to fight with their family and friends one last time. Loki was a big part in this event because he was the one who betrays the Asier and leads the frost giants with Hel. Vikings believed that the giant Surtr will set Asgard and the Bifrost on fire. Some of the most famous gods like Odin will die by Fenrir the wolf. Thor will also die by the Midgard Serpent being poisoned to death after killing it. Finally Heimdall will die killing Loki in the end. At the end of the war, the few gods that survived will recreate Asgard
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