James Vs Nike Ad Essay

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Nike is an American company whose mission statement is to bring ”inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world”. If that it is true why do they charge so much for their inspiration? The two ads I chose are Nike ads. One ad is about a white obese teen jogging who seems like he’s struggling with his weight. On the other hand, the LeBron James’s ad is portraying to an audience who want to achieve similar results as James. Despite the ads differences they both share similar aspects of achieving a certain type of greatness. The ads bring inspiration by motivating young athletes by putting famous athletes such as James’s picture and slogan along with inspirational stories by a white obese teen in their ad. The two ads clearly target an obese audience. Why is it that Nike only targets a white obese teen in the ad? Why are they not targeting minority obese teens and every athlete in the world? Why are there no minority adults or children in the ad “finding their greatness”? The answer is Nike is only targeting obesity in white athletes by using black athletes such as LeBron James because Nikes “inspiration” is expensive and Nike assumes that minorities might not be able to afford their products. First, using LeBron James in Nike’s ad is to show…show more content…
Nike uses professional athletes to influence customers to want to buy the Nike shoes and clothes to get in shape to be like a professional athlete. Nike ads lure their audience in by using professional athletes’ endorsements, and white obese teens to seek their own personal goals and find Nike’s greatness by getting the customers to open their wallets. Nike distorts the angle of vision by leaving out minority children from their ads. Nike is being racist because they are assuming that minorities cannot become great because those customers cannot pay to find their greatness by buying Nike

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