Paikea And Koro's Autocratic Leaders: Whale Rider

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Whale Rider By Hannah Velle 8-1 1. Paikea and Koro were both leaders of the village of Whangara. Paikea and Koro both have similar leadership styles. They are both autocratic leaders. An autocratic leader tells people what they need to do and expects them to do it. They can keep control easily and enjoys being in control. They can hide their emotions well, and when angered or feeling the need to be heard, raises their voice. This type of leader can be strict and sometimes even intimidating. Koro and Paikea, both are set in their ways, stubborn, determined and they both care about the well being of their community. The both tell people what to do and order them around. They expect people to fully cooperate with what they are telling others to do. They prefer to…show more content…
It really stands out that Koro is this type of leader. He can be intimidating and is strict about his rules. He is not always open to change. He has the ability to hide how he is feeling and does become loud when he is angry. He tells the village and Paikea what to do, and expects them to do it. He does not stand for tardiness, foolishness, or misconduct. Paikea, also expects people to do what she tells them. When she catches Nanny Flowers smoking, she is most displeased. Paikea is a leader in other ways. She enjoys learning about her culture, and she influences and encourages others to do the same. She challenges the traditional ways of her people and also encourages others like Koro to do the same. She is unhappy and maybe even angry when he will not reconsider the ways of their people and says she shouldn’t be the chief. Koro and Paikea were both excellent

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