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Jakobe Rudolph English 2 Holloway 5 5/4/15 Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 depicts a community embraced by the illusion of harmony, devoid of authentic personality, and dictated by a subliminal totalitarian regime. Our protagonist, guy montag is initially characterized by a child-like obsession with his profession, a literary pyromaniac"(pg.1). We are inclined to believe that such an immoral obsession would not suit our ideal society, however that is not the case. In fact, there have been numerous occasions dotted throughout this golden age of open minded thinking, in which we have torched In utter disregard of opposing ideals. Including an incident on May 27, 2007 in Kansas City, Missouri, in which a used book store burned a large amount of their inventory to protest what they perceived to be as," society's increasing indifference to the printed word"(pg. 11). Although the reasoning may seem mediocre, the crime reassures a lack of stability in our society. On a narrative scale, the community in Fahrenheit suffers from an unwavering gloom, an abyss through which none may lookup on the overseeing light. The triggering point in the narrative, through which the thin veil is pulled over the protagonist's eyes and he is able to see the…show more content…
Her personality differs from everyone else, although Montag does not initially notice this. He is then thrust into a schedule of jovial conversation that gradually make his personality shift from dutiful member of society to thoughtful human being. In a society dominated by adolescent teenagers, who abruptly end their lives through reckless behavior(much like our own). her inquisitive nature, foreign to Montag, inspires him to seek out a time when knowledge was a congenital right and "children didn't kill each other"(pg.27). What follows is a dynamic of "Frankenstein" proportions, in which the hero is outcasted from his community and

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