Margaret Atwood's You Fit Into Me

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While it is a short and simple poem, “You Fit into Me” by Margaret Atwood reaches out to readers because of its simplicity. With only four lines, there is not a lot of room for context and detail, yet in Atwood’s poem, context and detail are not needed. The opening lines, “You fit into me / like a hook into an eye,” are enough for readers to relate to the speaker already (1-2). At first, the line “You fit into me,” can be interpreted to be about loving someone and getting along well with them, yet when the stanza finishes with “like a hook into an eye,” it’s clear that loving or being around this person is not a pleasurable experience. Feeling hurt and pain because of a loved one is a universal experience, felt by all at least once, and is why “You Fit into Me” reaches out so simply to readers.…show more content…
The first line, “You fit into me,” is a metaphorical statement made by the speaker about an unknown person (1). The speaker and this person are intertwined; they get along, or are perhaps in love, as they fit together like a puzzle piece. The person being referenced is so similar to the speaker or so perfect for the speaker that they “fit” into each other. With a tight bond such as this, it can be deduced that the speaker and the person being referenced are either lovers or

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