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I would say that any type of entertainment can somewhat be addictive at times. Entertainment such as technology, T.V, phones, tablets or computers. Personally I think it can be most addictive when you have nothing to do, yet can even be addictive simply if your life is just plain boring. Despite people at work, school, or social activities most of the time, people crave technology with a passion. Anywhere and everywhere they go there has to be fast or free wifi, which in most cases gets more attention from people. Which for the most part is good for businesses, companies, and entrepreneurships, but in the meantime can be extremely terrible for us. An example would be homework. It’s not easy to fathom any type of homework if you're using technology devices constantly. If you look around people use their technology devices everywhere and anywhere they are or go. I’ll admit I love using technology. Well of course what teenage boy or girl doesn’t? But beside the youth of this generation many adults are using more and more technology devices everyday themselves, including phones, tablets, or computers. Generally…show more content…
In some cases many people in this world are addicted to drugs, alcohol, or many can even be addicted to both. As read in the book Fahrenheit 451 Montag's wife Mildred was overly obsessed with technology. During part 1 of Fahrenheit 451 she even consider that tv screens in her house where her family! That’s outrageous. Honestly how could someone think that family could be someone on a tv screen that you don’t even have a sense of tactile for. Meanwhile Mildred would also have her headphones in all the times, or as Montag called them “seashells.” To point out that at times she wouldn’t even actually communicate or listen to Montag, she would just read his lips and then shortly after answer him. Overall I would say that Mildred was addicted to her technology as much as I’m addicted to

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