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Why stray from your path? The technological heavy civilization that Ray Bradbury portrays in Fahrenheit 451 creates an environment where its citizens are impersonal, rigid, and dull which is the due cause of social expectations and governmental dictatorship. This science fiction novel demonstrates how technology can change the way that its people live in a holistic way. The scarcity of human interaction through direct conversation like when Mildred and her friends were watching television and Guy Montag tried to make conversation with them, their responses being ignorant and uninterested as they repetitiously looked back to the television (Bradbury 91), breeds the necessity to be not abnormal. Throughout the novel, the government creates jobs and machines that produce a fear that enforces conformity throughout society. The firefighter’s duties are to burn homes, which have books in them (Bradbury 34). By creating this consequence for those who have books, it instills a fear in the humans, which enforces the law. The mechanical hound also creates a fear among citizens if they choose to…show more content…
Books provide the reader a world of acceptance where sometimes the main character is always accepted regardless of the social expectations they face. When readers see that characters in a novel are not afraid of what society says about them, it empowers the reader to be not afraid of being different. Some books are also very direct and give advice that the reader does not have to infer. “Your perceptions are derived from your feelings and your ability to be yourself, to own and trust yourself, and to say what you feel, even when it may be diametrically opposed to everyone else’s opinion. You may be called the Devil Incarnate. You may feel like cow pies are being thrown at you. Sometimes that is part of being true to yourself”

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