Fahrenheit 451 Research Paper

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Pursuing Emptiness In the society of Fahrenheit 451, humanity tries to ensure happiness by immersing themselves into television; but, fails to provide any lasting joy as everyone seems to have worn their “happiness like a mask” (Bradbury, 12). In today’s modern society, we also see an uncanny resemblance to the people of Fahrenheit 451. Our society, in a sense, also looks for an empty and fleeting sort of happiness. To begin with, people often fall into the category of partying, clubs, alcohol, and drugs. As showed through various movies and films, these things had become a means of liberation from reality; combined together, they all have had their fair share of “exert[ing] their effects largely on the motivation and pleasure pathways of the brain” according to drugabuse.org. As the entertainment industry constantly showcase these types of activities through their products, it encourages the idea that people should choose this method to forget about their misery. But this is only a short-termed relief from pain that will eventually magnify in folds once the effects wears off. Another example is when people watch television shows or movies. They are like a vehicle to escape from the real world; they can…show more content…
For example, companies such as or Proactiv advertise that “having acne takes the joy out of so many situations.” It is true that no one enjoys having acne; however this further enforces the idea that appearance is vital in being happy. This had already made millions of girls feel self-conscious about themselves and that is evident in this Clean & Clear commercial where a girl says, “I feel like if I have a zit no one is really having a conversation with me-they’re having a conversation with my zit.” While looks do fuel confidence, over the years it had been taken to extremities as society misinterpret this as pursuing

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