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Annotated Bibliography of Children’s Literature Intended for the Latino Culture It is important for children to understand at a very young age that every person in this world is somehow different from each other. Also they need to learn that there are different cultures around the world and every person belongs to at least one of those cultures. It is important for children that the first discover their own identities before they can be able to identify others and value the different cultures. In order to help develop children’s identities, parents and teachers should able to help children to find books that focus on the different cultures. Stories with characters of similar circumstances to the children can be valuable tools in guiding children…show more content…
Hello Amigos!. Photographs by Fran Ortiz. New York: Henry Holt & Co., 1986. Print. Hello Amigos! is the story told through words and black and white photographs of a Mexican American child. The book tells a day in his life which includes school and his birthday celebration. He lives with his family in San Francisco. Cisneros, Sandra. The House on Mango Street. New York: Vintage Books, 1984. Print. The House on Mango Street is a collection of Esperanza Cordero’s thoughts and emotions expressed through poems and stories. The young girl grows up in Chicago. Cohn, Diana. ¡Si, Se Puede! / Yes, We Can!: Janitor Strike in L.A. Illus. Francisco Delgado. Trans. Sharon Franco. Cinco Punto Press: El Paso, 2005. Print. Yes, We Can! tells a story based on the events of the janitor strike in Los Angeles in 2000. A Hispanic boy Carlitos lives with his mother and grandmother. Carlitos’ mom is a janitor and the low wager does not allow her to support her family. She decides to join the strike, and Carlitos finds a way to help the strikers. Ryan, Pam Muñoz. Esperanza Rising. New York: Scholastic, 2000. Print. Esperanza Rising tells the story of a Mexican woman who decides to leave her life behind, and immigrates to California to work in a company farm. She faces several obstacles along the way such a racial prejudice, sickness, and social

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