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Fahrenheit 451 is a book about what a “dystopian society has come to over the years”. The reason for this is because books are banned. Books are believed to “cause unhappiness” for everyone. The main character Guy Montag goes to war with everyone in this book. Which makes the book a virtual realty of our world. It does have some resemblances to our own society in three main subjects Teen Driving, War and Technology. Teen Driving is violent in F451.Most of the teenagers in that society don't go to school and have become very reckless overtime. Young people in their society are very uncaring. “They ran me over for no reason” was what Montag was thinking when he was almost hit by a car that was driven by teens. People driving in the book are going to hit people walking…show more content…
Teens are not driving at thousands miles an hour so they don't feel the need for speed unless they go above a certain speed. People are still hit by cars often, but it is safe to walk on the roads and sidewalks because it is legal in our society. They are required to go to school so they are not out of control. This is because school teaches people how to act around other people and teaches you or brainwashes you to follow the laws. In our society we also go really slowly compared to them. We take our time when going somewhere and get there without someone on the front of our car. If we do hit someone then there is usually is punishment for hitting a person and the guilty driver would have to pay fine and sometimes even serve jail time if serious enough. The driver can also get a ticket for driving the car too fast or too slow because going too slow on a highway is an outlawed. That person endanger other drivers, and run the risk of getting rear-ended. The driver can get you driver’s license revoked in cases where you hit anyone from the population in general. The other cause in driving deaths is technology, it has been a big problem in this society for

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