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Andrew Lang - Explication Andrew Lang, the author of the poem “Ballad of Worldly Wealth”, should be congratulated for creating such a deep piece of work. Lang really gets down to the roots and exploits the disgust that the greed of money has brought upon us. I must admit that Lang does well at organizing his poem as well. Organization and structure in a poem is just as important as the words within it. How could the reader stay on track with the poem if it isn’t structured properly? Poor organization will result in confusion and then the reader has trouble comprehending what the poem is about. Andrew Lang uses a lot of metaphorical phrases and some Old English as well. This does give the poem a very specific vibe which may be intentional.…show more content…
People use money to buy everything; well at least they think they can. In Andrew Lang’s poem, “Ballade of Worldly Wealth”, he describes the different things that money can buy. It does begin as if it will be such a great sounding cheerful poem but it ends up stating the truth and it is becomes very deep and emotional. Yes money can buy you diamond rings and lots of other things but it can’t buy you time or even paradise. That is the type of message Lang is sending through his poem. As you read you can actually see that some of the most important aspects of life can’t be bought. Andrew Lang’s poem, “Ballade of Worldly Wealth”, is made up of three well arranged stanzas. Each stanza comes to an eventual reoccurring ending of focus point, possibly a motif. Let’s focus on more than just Andrew Lang’s poetic form; how about his word usage? Andrew Lang’s style of writing is seemingly similar to that of early or “old” English. He uses words that are less formal in modern English like “taketh” and “maketh”. Society recognizes this type of language as incomprehensible now days but it has become more of an art. This does send a more sophisticated tone to the reader as

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