Last Plan Of Reconstruction Essay

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Reconstructing was just as hard or even harder than the Civil War itself. In order to complete the Reconstruction period it took two plans and twelve years to finish, people still argue that it is going on today. The Reconstruction Era was about more than seating representatives from the seceded states, it was about unity. Seating the representatives was easy, uniting the United States again was the real struggle. During the Reconstruction Era new plans were being formed left and right, and it was controversial topic on which one was the right one. The plans for Reconstruction had a significant impact on The United States history. One plan of Reconstruction that had an impact was Lincoln’s original plan. Lincoln’s plan was named The 10% plan.…show more content…
The Congressional Plan was the severest plan of the three of them. In the Congressional Plan the majority of the white men in succeeding states must take an oath of loyalty to the U.S. The state must also change the Constitution so blacks would get equal rights. Scene the plan was passed by Congress it went to Lincoln, who vetoed the plan. The authors of the bill Wade and Davis made statements saying that “Lincoln was acting like a dictator.” Once Lincoln was assassinated Congress again passed the bill and used it for the rest of Reconstruction. Many Radical Republicans were in Congress and believed in the Congressional Plan, so Congress forced their way into a larger role in reconstruction. The Congressional Plan would give severe punishment to leaders of the Conference and much of the punishment included capital punishment. The majority of the North was in favor of this plan which is why it was the most successful. Since Congress came up with the plan they were able to make it as severe as they would like, which meant that all the Radical Republicans, inside and outside of Congress, would be in favor of this

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