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Ames Room Research Paper Ames room was built by ophthalmologist Adelbert Ames in 1934. Ames room can only be seen through a pin hole with one eye because it helps for the illusion to take affect. The box appears like a normal rectangle or square , but its actually a trapezoid. In my experience in building my own ames room I learned how it works. The reason its better to use one eye is because you are only viewing the room from one perspective not two. I also see how when you look at it horizontally it looks like it's squared when in reality its slanted. The illusion works by making the viewer think both objects in opposite corners are straight in front of each other but in reality they aren’t directly looking at each other one of them is slightly off to the side.…show more content…
The founder of the idea of this room was a german scientist named Hermann von Helmholtz. He believed that a room like this was possible even though he never actually tested it. Hermann believed the ames room was disproving the laws of physics. In this room the walls are slanted and the ceiling and floor are inclined and the right corner is much closer than the left because of its shape. Since your brain assumes things , in the ames room it assumes that the room is rectangular shaped. When you are looking at the room in a horizontal way it looks as if its an ordinary square shaped room, but if you look at it from the top its looks very deformed in shape and no where near a square. Adding windows and anything inside the room to decorate it , will help even more to trick your brain to think differently. So when two humans are moving from opposite corners to the other corner it looks as if the are walking straight but in reality the are walking to side no directly straight. This room is a form of an illusion where if you don’t look trough a peep hole horizontally you wont get the full effect of the

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