Fahrenheit 451 Compared To Today

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Ray Bradbury would possibly write a similar novel to Fahrenheit 451 due to the ongoing perspectives portrayed in a similar light to the ideas dating back to the 50s. Many concepts written by Bradbury in this novel are very similar to today's world, such as the need for technological accessibility, the oppressive control of the media, and censorship. Though there are major differences, in regards to the duty of 'firemen', Bradbury should be more than capable to conjure a science fiction novel akin to Fahrenheit 451. The constant demand of advanced technology is a shared concept between the novel and today's perceptions. The citizens depicted in Bradbury's story are portrayed as impatient and always wanting things done in a short amount of time with little to no trouble. Vehicles are driven at high speeds, wall-sized televisions are a staple commodity, and constant media is pumped through miniature earphones.…show more content…
Those travelling and are in a rush blatantly exploit the system of road rules, and defeat the purpose of speed limits, much like the drivers in Fahrenheit 451, where it is necessary to produce two hundred foot long billboards for the sake of motorists. Children of this generation are learning through their smart phones and tablets, and disregarding books altogether, deeming them obsolete. Technological availability is bringing the present civilisation closer to that of the novel, thus making it possible for Bradbury to write another similar

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