Difference Between Realism And Realism

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Realists believe that power is the currency of International politics. Through realism, great powers are considered to pay detailed attention to the economic and military power of rival states. Realism can help scholars understand the nature of power by exploring two opposing thoughts, classical realists and structural realists. Classic realist Hans Morgenthau believe that power is human nature. (SOURCE) This is reflected in English philosopher Thomas Hobbes leviathan, stating that humans are selfish and are capable of hurting each other. (SOURCE) For instance, a state is governed by individuals hence all decisions are based upon the need for dominance over other states. In contrast, Structural realists understand the need for power as a result of the structure…show more content…
Dahl argues, that power is the ability to allow one state to directly shape the circumstances of another state. Usually resulting in one state doing what they would not otherwise do themselves. (DAHL) For example, a great power like America using its economic and military resources in spreading democracy across countries that would not necessarily be democratic. This form of power is of important in understanding how power relations work in world politics as it brings about the intentions of dominant states in influencing others. Meaning the power being asserted on less resourceful states by great powers, shows that underlying agendas are sometimes unknown. However, the use of power is still there even if the dominant power is unaware of the effects on the other state. This kind of power is illustrated, through the term ‘collateral damage’ which is often used after unsuccessful bombings by super powers over poorer states fighting terrorism. It is of importance to IR scholars to comprehend power on the people whom it is asserted to as it will better the understanding of the interest of great

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