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Argument Analysis of Tim Gunn’s The World Owes you… Nothing. Tim Gunn’s The World Owes you… Nothing, dives into the world of rights versus privileges. Gunn argues that though many seem to believe they deserve the world handed to them on a silver platter, it is quite the opposite. He believes that in order for one to receive said privilege, they must first work for it. While Gunn does not include empirical evidence to support his essay, the reader is lead to trust him based solely off of him seeming to be a genuine person and his use of real life stories. In the beginning of Rule 2, Gunn introduces the reader to a very self-righteous, young Julia and her mother. His immediate distaste in the two women shows his opposition in people who believe…show more content…
When Gunn is asked of a moment he would never forget he replies with, “That’s easy. Anna Wintour being carried down five flights of stairs from a fashion show” (38). Needless to say, the press printed this statement and when Anna found out she demanded a retraction of his statement. However, Gunn refused. He knew that if he agreed to retract the statement that he would be lying to many people and he was not okay with doing such a thing. He gathered a witness who saw the same incident and when it was all said and done there was nothing more that Anna could do to make him retract his statement. The ending to Gunn’s story of Anna is what intrigues readers the most; he sends her flowers. Even after all of the chaos and disorder she caused him, he still sent her flowers and an apology letter. This shows the reader that Gunn truly is a kind man and a genuine one at that. He is the proof that not all people in his line of work are bad. This story is also proof that the reader should be inclined to trust him. His need to tell the truth about Anna and to not let her run him over, are a sign of someone who is honest and strong

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