Edgar Allan Poe's Death Related To The Masque Of The Red Death

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Author: Edgar Allan Poe Story:The Premature Burial Members:House Mercadel Swan 1. Writer's Background: Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809 in Boston, Massachusetts. Poe's life was depressing which helped his inspiration for his dark work. When poe was born, his parents died and was taken away and went on with his life watching people around him die. His dark and cruel life stimulated his creepy and crazy style of writing. The Masque of The Red Death is one example of a similarity between his life and his writing. In the story a small town is swept with a sick plague called the red death. The plague sweeps across the U.S quickly and if you caught the this disease you would be taken away and put into quarantine with no communication with the outside world. The plague was very much like tuberculosis which played a very big part in Poe's life because his mother, foster mother, and wife all died from tuberculosis. Three woman he loved very much. 2. The Writer's other works: All of Edgar Allan Poe's work has something related in his life some kind of way. The Premature Burial is one of Poe's most know short story and was written in 1844. Around the time the story was written there was…show more content…
Theme:During the story " The premature burial" Edgar Allen Poe would explain how scared he is about being buried alive. He was very paranoid to leave his house because he thought someone would mistake him as being dead. As the premature burial Poe isolated himself from the world so that no one would find out about his disease. Poe says " I hesitated rob ride or to walk or indulge in any exercise that would carry me from any exercise that would carry me away from home." Poe also tells about victims who has suffered from being buried alive. At the end of the story Poe finds himself walking up in a ship cavern thinking he was in a grave. Afterwards he was in a relief when he finds out that he was not in a grave and his fear of being buried alive faded

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