Explain The Development Of Physical, Creative And Cognitive Skills

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Physical, cognitive, language and creative skills. All of these skills works together in the development of a child. I will implement different experiences and activities that will enhance and strengthen all of the children’s skills. The children will have to be active physically and be involved in problem solving methods and activities. Children will be able to communicate with adults. They will be proud of their newly discovered skills of caring for themselves. Children will be encouraged to use their own ideas while being creative. Presenting the four functional areas that is discussed below, I will display my ability to meet those subjects for Standard II. Children will rotate different activities daily every 45 minutes to establish and create different experiences. Physical- Gross motor skills will be enhanced through the use of daily activities by providing age appropriate material. Running, jumping, walking, daily exercise and even music helps to develop the large motor skills in a child. Children will be observed daily…show more content…
Exploration will be encouraged in the facility/learning environment. Builder blocks, matching colors, numbers and even puzzles with characters on it will help each child with their problem solving skills. Each child will be forced to use their sight and minds, to achieve this tasks. Communication- I will engage and encourage the children to communicate with their peers and teachers. I understand children usually don’t feel comfortable communication with adults they are not familiar with and cannot trust so being their daily will help the child ease into this stage of development. Using games such as puppets, verbal games (duck, duck goose, etc.), will help them with their peer communication. Other things such as story books, electronics and interactive toys will encourage and enhance the communication skills of the

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