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Give an example of a nurse who is emotionally intelligent. How is this different from being cognitively intelligent? What are the ramifications for patients and families if a nurse is emotionally underdeveloped? For health care team members? A nurse that possesses emotional intelligent is one that is able to voice their opinion in an appropriate manner in a case that there is a staff disagreement and is able to avoid or end an argument between two staff employees. A nurse who is emotionally intelligent is much more than just having appropriate social skills in order to handle relationships among themselves and other staff members, but must also be able to show staff and patients empathy, be able to control and manage their emotions in a…show more content…
A leader is a person who is able to draw other in to attain a certain goal or to bring about change. An example of a leader would be Martin Luther King; he had a long-term goal that he wanted to reach and had others follow him. A leader is one who takes risks as well as displays a positive aura that others are affected by. A manager is a person who exhibits organizational, planning, and judgment skills. A person can be a manager and a leader at the same time but that is not always the case. A manager is responsible for staffing, controlling, shaping and solving problems. Unlike a leader, a manager does not take risks in order to reach a goal or change something; they keep colleagues and employees in order and address difficulties that may arise. Followership is more than listening and taking orders from those who are in authority. Followers are needed for both leaders and managers to do their job. An example of how followers affect a leader or manager is from a story I heard during lecture. There was a company where the employees were treated very well by the manager/leader at the time. The manager was fired from the company so the employees of that company went on strike to defend the manager. This story shows how followers can affect managers and leaders. At times the three capacities can overlap for a nurse. Leadership and management are the two…show more content…
By no means should the health provider who makes a mistake be demeaned or yelled at, but if a health care provider is in the wrong in regards to patient care then the issue needs to be addressed. If there is a healthcare provider who makes a mistake and does not own up to the mistake or does not self-reflect then I would not be able to say the person just made the mistake because they are human. In this care where the provider is not concerned about the safety of the patient it would be the nurses responsibility to relate that information to someone in higher authority. Now, if a provider makes a mistake and takes responsibility for it and takes the time to understand what went wrong then I believe that they should not have the same punishment as the other provider who was not concerned about the patient. If a patient was every in real danger that could affect the patient’s health then I believe that the nurse or whomever saw the accident take place should relate it to someone in higher

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