Integumentary System Research Paper

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The integumentary system is made of up the hair, skin, nails and exocrine glands. It is the largest organ in the body which serve many purposes for the human life. The word integumentary is a Latin word that means to cover. All living things have a fence and the human fence is the skin. It separates us from the outside world as we know it. The biggest function of the integumentary system is to protect our body. It does so by acting as a barrier to infections and injuries. It also helps regulate body temperature and removing waste from the body. The skin functions as a glove for the body. It serves as a barrier from pathogens and bodily defenses. Your skin contains nerves that respond to heat, cold and touch. To maintain homeostasis the…show more content…
It absorbs lipids and water and can also absorb vitamin D (UV Rays). Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide can diffuse into the epidermis which allows us to be able to inject medicine through the skin. The outer most layers of the skin are the epidermis which is consisted of epithelial tissue, this layer produces keratin and melanin. Keratin is a protein that makes the skin a protection layer. The melanin is a pigment that gives us our skin color. We have three pigments that contributes to skin color, melanin, carotene and hemoglobin. The next layer is the dermis, this layer is made of up connective tissue that contains collagens and elastic fibers. Two regions of the dermis is the papillary region and reticular layer. We are covered in hair, some are visible and some are not visible to the naked eye. Hair is made of dead keratinized cells and provides many protections for the human body. Hair on the scalp will…show more content…
For the nervous system it contains the nerve receptors and allows us to feel from the skin. Skin protects the respiratory organs and the respiratory system provides oxygen to the skin. For the digestive system it provides needed nutrients to allow the skin to protect the digestive organs. The muscular system makes a large amount of heat which will increase the blood flow to the skin. Other than protection the skin helps the urinary system by excreting salts and waste by sweating. Did you know the skin can help make your bones harder? The skin will absorbs vitamin D to the bones and synthesis it to male

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