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Racism In the novel The Help it is very obvious that racism is a big theme that can be used to symbolize the whole book. From the beginning it is clear that in the town of Jackson, Mississippi in 1962 the whites and the colored are not equal. They are completely segregated with things such as bathrooms, libraries and especially where they live in the town. In the beginning of the book Miss Hilly the President of the Jackson Journal League was expressing to other members of the Jackson Journal League most notably Miss Skeeter and Miss Leefolt how important she thought it was that all the maids had a separate bathroom to use while they were working and supported her argument by saying “They carry different kinds of diseases than we do”. (Stockett…show more content…
How is it possible that the maids can cook the white people food touch and take care of their children all day but it is to dangerous to share a bathroom with the maids? Although they never tell the story from Miss Hilly's point of view we are unaware if she has that racial prejudice from when she was raised or if she has alternate reasons. It is very likely that Hilly was raised being taught that colored people were inferior. This was shown in the book that Aibileen tried to prevent Mae Mobley from developing these racial prejudices but it was practically impossible having a mother like Miss Leefolt and later a teacher like Miss Taylor who were teaching Mae Mobley from such a young age that it was Okay to treat the colored with disrespect and like they were dirty, inferior people. Obviously children are not born with this notion about the colored, they see them as just another person but Mae was punished for using Aibileens “special bathroom” and Miss Leefolt told her that “I did not raise you to use the colored bathroom! ... This is dirty out here, Mae Mobley. You'll catch diseases! No no no!” (Stockett 111) This is why it was so hard to make change as the child couldn't really tell the difference and the racism would
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