Sydney Carton Changes

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In the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles dickens there are many characters that change of the course of the story. One of those characters is Sydney Carton. He is a depressed alcoholic lawyer that travels to France for professional and personal reasons. Sydney carton had many events that changed him as a character. These changes had a significant impact on the overall story. One reason that Sydney carton goes to Paris is because of his love for Lucie. He wants to help Lucie because her husband Charles Darney is in danger of being executed he loves her and doesn't want her to be hurt. Also he loves her so much he feels like he has to be in her life and by her side. He doesn't really care how he is in her life. He just wants to be…show more content…
He knew that Charles Darney was going on trial in France, so he went to make sure everything was okay legally. He had helped Charles Darney beat a case before and he was his lawyer so he felt obligated to be there. This is important to the story because he makes a negative event into a positive one by sacrificing himself. The changes the author makes to Sydney Carton's character makes a big impact in the story. Sydney changes are impactful because he gives his life to save a family. At the beginning he was low key and depressed person. When he found out that Charles Darney was going to be executed he could not let that happen because he knew Lucie would be heart broken. When Lucie and Charles first got married he told her he would give his life to keep a person she loved in her life. He fulfills that promise this shows that he is selfless because he gave his life for a better cause then himself. In conclusion, Sydney Carton's character shows in the end that he is selfless and is willing to die for the person he loves. He makes a big impact on Lucie and her daughter because it would have been hard for them to grow up without a husband and father. He also gives himself another name other then the depressed alcoholic lawyer, people will think of him as a hero
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