Discrimination In The Movie Crash

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In 2004, Paul Haggis directed the film Crash, a movie about the high racial tensions and its effects on the people of Los Angeles. This film plays on the viewers emotions trying to create a sense of empathy for the characters of different races. Haggis presents the characters as they are going through tough times and shows the harsh reality of racism that they encounter in their lives. It shows that most people are prejudice and feel some sort of resentment against other races and depicts the outcome of those stereotypes as the lives of the characters crash together. Sparking the important conversation about discrimination and racism in todays society. Haggis uses the movie to display racism in a very unique way. He does not blame one race for extreme prejudice, such as whites. Instead he shows only a few characters at a time, interacting and speaking exactly what is on their mind, weather or not it is politically correct. By doing this it allows the viewer to be shown the harsh stereotypes that exist in todays society without needing much background knowledge on each character.…show more content…
A good example of this is Jean and Rick Cabot, a high class, powerful white couple who gets their car stolen by two young black men. During this scene as soon as Jean sees the black men she grabs onto her husband, scared of the men based on their skin color. In this scene her fears turn out to be correct as the men steal the car. This allows Jean to get away with her prejudice as her stereotype of the black men being criminals turnout to be correct. This allows the white-dominate society that views the movie to be held less accountable and let off the hook for most of the racism that occurs in todays

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