The Universality Of Women In A Medieval Life

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live back in the Medieval times? Perhaps when you think about this, you think of kings and knights and maybe even dragons? Well, in the novel, A Medieval Life By Judith Bennett, it provides a look at to how life was outside of this vision that most people have about the Medieval times. This biography is about a woman by the name of Cecilia Penifader. She comes from a family of peasants. This was not uncommon in those days. Cecilia's life offers great insights into the medieval life. There are many key details with in this narrative that provide the reader with useful knowledge. Some of the main themes and insights are about women and the universal story. I will explain in this essay the universality of women's experiences, the disenfranchisement of medieval women, and how family came into play in defining her features in life. First, Bennett shows through Cecilia, that a woman can represent the common man. During the entire reading, Bennett sets out to show the reader that women can embody universal human conditions, just like men.…show more content…
However, she embodies all women of the Medieval times. Women in Medieval times were not allowed to do many things. Cecilia was unable to run or hold any type of office. This means that even if she wanted to be president of a club, she could not. There were three different classes in this age. Men upheld these classes. There were male warriors, male clergy and male peasants. Women were unable to uphold any positions or even the title of a class without the satisfaction from a man. Men ruled in this age. The law forbade women to own their inheritance or to even be able to receive inheritance. When a woman was married, no matter the class she was in, she had to give up and to cede her property and her individual rights. Women were allowed to bear children and to help serve, but there was nowhere else and nothing else for women to

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