Examples Of Power In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Power, what is power? Power means to be in control, or how much control you actually have. This story was about a rape trial involving a man named Tom Robinson, and a women named Mayella Ewell. What makes Mayella so powerful is her race. Although Mayella is powerless when it comes to her class and gender, her race ultimately makes her powerful. Mayella lacks in power because of her class. She is a lower class white woman that lives in Maycomb, Alabama. Mayella lives in a “dump” on the outside of town. Her class affects the way people look at her, and the way she lives. Sometimes people are very rude to her and will say, not so nice things to her. “Get back to your dump!” are some things she would hear from others in town. This is all because she lives right behind a garbage dump. During the trial, Atticus calls Mayella “Ma’am”, and she takes offence to it. She thinks he was mocking her because of her class, and the fact she is always treated her so badly because of it. Mayella’s class has a big affect on her power, it makes her powerless.(Doc B)…show more content…
Females have always been taken advantage of and abused at times, but in Mayella’s case, she has been physically, and sexually abused. Her father is very stringent while she is on the witness stand, and it is very easy to see by his body language. When Mayella was asked if she loves her father, or in other words, if he is good to her. She looks up from the witness stand and sees her father giving her a look. It was as if he were saying “you better give him the right answer.” Mayella replied back with “he does tollable, `cept when-” Atticus knew right away that Bob Ewell was mostly mean to Mayella, when he is drinking. Most of the time though, the way that her father treats her, or any man, ism because of her gender.(Doc
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