Examples Of Power In Julius Caesar

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William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar revolves around the idea of power and glory and different characters response to it. The reaction to power varies greatly between the different characters and Shakespeare shows how and why the response is different between them. Some character are focused on maintaining Rome’s traditional system of government while others are focused on holding all the power themselves, and it is the clash in these two views that lead to downfall of Caesar. But even though some characters believe what they are doing is for the greater good all of the protagonists of the story, Caesar, Brutus, Cassius and Anthony have some sort of lust for power and intention to gain control over the citizens of Rome. There are many people in the play who claim to be preserving Rome’s traditional system of government as their explanation for opposing Caesars rule. But throughout the play it becomes increasing apparent that some characters have personal motives for being averse to…show more content…
Antony is Caesars right hand man and is a very strong supporter of him. He claims that everything that Caesar does is for the love of rome and would never want to put rome, or its people, in any danger. His support for Caesar is best seen when he presents him with a “kingly crown”. Caesar himself believes that he can rule and uses this opportunity to gain their trust by refusing the crown three times knowing that people would be upset if he accepted it and ended the Republic. Although his view does change later in the play when he is told that if he attends the Senate the crown will be offered to him again, he eagerly takes this opportunity showing that he has intentions of becoming king. So while he says what he does is for the good of rome, he is still willing to go against the current system of government in order to him to control all the
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