Argumentative Essay On Police Brutality

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Darcel Porter Professor Stephen Van Dyck English 145 01/30/2018 Police Brutality Police is the civil force of local government responsible for the prevention and detection of crime in local communities, Brutality is savage physical violence. By definition these two words are very opposing to each other. Police officers are supposed to protect and serve the people, not to use brutality on the people by abusing their power. Many of the times, the Police uses savage, and brutal force which is not necessary. Personally, I am against police brutality because of numerous reasons like research I have conducted online, have experienced personally, and have heard not only in my local community but nationwide, police brutality is becoming an extreme problem for the minority population. There have been so many different depressing stories in regards to police brutality, Haag from nytimes wrote, “The person detained was not the 40-year-old woman whom the officers were searching for in a stabbing earlier that evening. She was an…show more content…
He was seen punching and slamming his head into the pavement. This is another example showing that the Police have hate towards Blacks and other minorities which really needs a push for change. If a police officer is doing a traffic stop there is no way that it should turn into an altercation where a cop is beating a man to a bloody pulp, and for that man to not receive any type of justice or settlement from the city that he lives in, or from the police department. If unchecked, police feel that they have the right to do minorities very wrong, and that they do not have to pay for the consequences of their actions. In cases like these police officers should just follow normal procedures with handcuffs to restrain the man instead of beating

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