Examples Of Nobility In Julius Caesar

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In the shakespearean novel, Julius Caesar there are many acts of nobility. To be noble is to be an honest and trustworthy figure to the people who look to you for guidance. Marc antony calls Brutus the noblest Roman of them all, he says this for a number of reasons. Nobility means to carry yourself with honor and think of the good of the people before yourself. While reading, the reader can sense that brutus acts with nobility and honor throughout the entire novel. Brutus acts selflessly and thinks of what is good for his country. He never acts with hate in his heart, only love. Brutus’ actions may not always be the best, yet all is done with good intentions. Caesar, on the other hand, is egotistical and acts only with personal gain insight. He does nothing for the good of his country only for the good of himself. Brutus is the opposite of Caesar and the other characters in the play, he acts with more nobility than anyone in the novel has done before.…show more content…
He worries what will happen to his beloved country when Caesar gets crowned. Even though Brutus is plotting to kill Caesar with the conspirators he truly believes he has to for the good of the people. Brutus respects Caesar and wishes there was no bloodshed, he wants Caesar to change his selfish ways. Brutus was loyal to the romans over everything else, he choose killing a man he respected for the good of the romans. In brutus’ words, "Because Caesar loved me, I weep for him....but as he was ambitious, I slew him.” Brutus believed Caesar was overly ambitious and it was bad for

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