Examples Of Structural Racism In New Orleans

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Structural Racism in New Orleans Overtime, too many people all over the world including researchers, journalists, world leaders and even students have all responded differently to the issue of racism. Some believe that racism is purely natural while others have strongly argued that ignorance coupled with pride results to racial discrimination. Late Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president-was one of the world leaders who fought against racism during the ‘apartheid regime’ which was a period of racial segregation when the majority of blacks were being oppressed in Cape town, South Africa and beyond. Racism comes in different forms- ideological, structural, race and class, marginalization, etc. Structural racism can be said to mean a movement or campaign against citizens of a minority group where they are denied certain human, social, economic, cultural and…show more content…
“Structural racism is the most profound form of racism-all other forms of racism (e.g. international, institutional, interpersonal, etc.) emerge from structural racism” (Keith and Terry, 1). However, racism in New Orleans was an embodiment of all the aforementioned but was very different in the sense that it was shaped and structured by a natural disaster-Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina, the biggest natural disaster in the United States, struck New Orleans in 2005. Before that period, who were used as slaves were living together with their masters in a housing system known as the ‘Back-yard Pattern’. This particular system of housing had the slave masters occupy the main building of the house while the slaves lived in the quarters behind surrounded by a fence. The reason for such housing system, as

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