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A crock pot is a modern kitchen tool which is used to prepare food in a traditional way. Nevertheless, the crock pot is much more than a regular kitchen equipment. It changes your attitude towards food, furthermore, it can change your lifestyle. Here's a simple example. Imagine this situation. You wake up, you are relaxed and you are ready to start a new day! Your hot and tasty morning meal is ready, all is perfect. Of course, you no longer have to imagine this perfect morning! It is possible with a crock pot! There is no need to stand around the pot, there is no need to stir your meal and adjust the temperature and so on. The night before, you just put all your favorite ingredients into your crock pot and set this amazing kitchen tool. Moreover, many people claim that the meals are more flavorful and richer-tasting than food cooked on the stovetop. Crock pot is a perfect for everyone who likes to keep things simple in the life as well as in the kitchen. That’s it, that’s the magic of slow cooking you'll meet with your crock pot…show more content…
Crock pot is convenient for the average modern family. Nowadays, people are working more than 40 hours a week. Therefore, who has two hours to spend standing over the stovetop, making the meals for the whole family? From now on, you can make all the meals in an easy way. Prepare a stunning family salad, cook traditional meals, organize party dinner that will feed a crowd, surprise your kids with amazing healthy snacks! Many busy moms are working multiple jobs, so there is no time to cook some desserts for their kids. The good, surprising news is that you can cook almost all of your favorite desserts in the crock pot and you can indulge your sweet tooth with amazing crock pot recipes. Therefore, when you read this cookbook, you will become aware that you can make your favorite meals in a much simpler way. The book consists of five hundred recipes that are separated into five chapters: breakfast, lunch, dinner, fast snacks and

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