How Did Caesar Gain Social Peace?

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During the years of the dictatorship, Caesar was able to restore social peace in the country and solve the most urgent problems: the debt crisis, providing retired warriors – legionnaires – with land, defining norms of distributing bread to the plebs, and restoring order in the administration. In addition, Caesar expanded the social base of the ruling elites, expanding the rights of Roman citizenship to some provinces. The main socio-political task of Caesar was agreement within the ruling elite, which had been submitted by traditional estates – nobility (Goldsworthy, 2008). To achieve this, first, the dictator abandoned the policy of repression against the senatorial aristocracy. Former opponents of Caesar received not only forgiveness, but also kept their seats in the Senate. To find vacant land for 200,000 veteran-legionnaires was the main problem of the land question. Caesar refused to violate social peace by practicing like the Dictator Sulla, who forcibly took land away from the cities and gave it to his warriors (Canfora, 2007). Instead, Caesar, on the one hand, began to buy land from the…show more content…
Places of foundations of these colonies were selected based on the location of the trade routes, and due to the idea that the citizens of Rome should occupy a dominant position in the Mediterranean. Many residents of the colonies were veterans who fought under the command of Caesar. Most of the migrants were urban proletariats. Caesar spread Roman civilization by founding the colonies. In the days of the republic, it existed only within the boundaries of the peninsula. A lack of time prevented Caesar to enforce other projects, such as digging a canal through the Isthmus of Corinth. The purpose of this plan was to establish a link and trade between all the Roman

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