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Moral responsibility We can clarify moral responsibility intro two parts. Moral and responsibility. Moral is mainly character, proper behavior. It is the differentia of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are distinguished as proper and those that are improper. Mainly it is the distinction of right and wrong. On the other hand the word responsibility mainly means the state or fact of having duty to deal with something or of having control over someone or we can further say that the state or fact of being accountable or to blame for something. So we can relate these two words in one sense like moral responsibility is mainly having the right set of character and having the duty to deal with something. Humans and moral responsibility…show more content…
This view defines responsibility for actions as stemming from our capability of exercising self-control. According to this moral responsibility exists because a person freely and willingly selects his/her actions and wants to lead us toward the idea of free will. Moreover, as we know praise and blame responds to the person as that person is the selector of his/her deed, they recognize his/her stature as an allowable agent. Modern followers of Kantian approach tend to put it. A much older approach goes back to Aristotle. This view establishes ascriptions of responsibility in terms of our on-going relationships with each other. This is more point to point approach that pressurizes the importance of reciprocal accountability, impositions and moral education of characters in case of the many virtues and…show more content…
One, I will say something about the thought of free will. The tricks associated with this idea often happen to people even before they come to philosophy, and these problems will be at the center of Kantian's account. Secondly, the approach was different before the invention of Kant approach. The Problem with Free will The free will argument has become an old chestnut of today's philosophy. This is an intuitively probable way of approaching the factors which is familiar to many even before they meet philosophical jot downs. It is possibly surprising and astonishing. In the very first place, this is well-known that this argument does not turn on the truth of determinism. Determinism is the idea that every procedure is determined and fixed by causal laws. The Aristotelian

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