Patriotism In American History

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It is supposed that racism came after slavery already had its place in the world. Specifically, in the largest market of slavery in the known history; the triangular trade. This was largely due to European powers need to justify slavery of non-whites. This attitude grew in the minds of people the world over and seen readily in the writings of 19th century American males such as the editors and writers in the Brother Jonathon, a newspaper based in New York. Their attitudes also showed a strong sense of nationalism that was growing ever since the revolution. This started with the glorification of the founding fathers into almost a religiosity of American history, the subjugation of women, and the demonization of non-whites and foreigners. The…show more content…
By contrast a sense of nationalism, while a form of patriotism, comes with context. One, namely, being the demonization of others. In the case of the United States, this would be non-whites. Native Americans, Blacks, and others all fall into the trap. The editors of the Brothers Jonathon show these people in a bad light. One preacher “had patience even with the absurdities of the Indian savages” (6, The early pilgrim fathers). Showing a clear bias as to not only the cultural practices of the natives but a disdain for the natives. Another illustration shows a black man, well dressed and clad with eccentricities, entitled The Dandy Darkey (2, The Dandy Darkey). Oft was it that white men in black face would dawn this persona to specifically mock people of African descent. Minstrel shows developed early in the 19th century, the writers would have a clear and present knowledge of them. The illustration itself is an insult to black men. As the comically large lips and ugly nature of the character portrayed on print, show. The writers had no problem dehumanizing the non-whites, or at the very least distributing…show more content…
The founders had faults and the skills of each member were dramatically overstated and overdone. Washington was not a perfect person nor was he the greatest general, yet he is according to the writers the perfect human. Many leaders owned slaves but not viewed at the time of the Brothers Jonathon to be a very important detail worth relating, this being due to the attitudes of racism present in the writer’s selves. It is important to note that the writers, editors and illustrators represented the higher class white point of view. Just as the Founding Father would have. Not giving women, native Americans, blacks, and poor the right to vote was a conscious choice of theirs. Americans from every walk of life would have and still do view the founding fathers as gods, and all those who opposed them as devil. The black and white nature of this reasoning contributes to the effect overall. Causing an us versus them mentality and adding to the already present nationalism in the United States. This has been occurring since the inception. A process now addressed in present day and met with much resistance. A process that brings about more divide and more hate. The nationalism that was propagated in the 19th century is and may always will be a part of the United States, but historical analysis offers a look into the causes and truth of the past. Only then will the

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