Examples Of Irony In The Open Window

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In the story, The Open Window, the author uses irony to defy expectations of the reader and characters in the story in many ways. In this particular story we see many examples of verbal irony. For example, Vera, the niece, created a lie that tricked Frampton Nuttel into believing something that was not true. This irony defies the reader's expectations by lying to the reader persay. Another story that contains irony is The Masque of the Red Death. Prince Prosepero tries to escape the “Red Death,” by hosting a party. The name Prince Prosepero is very ironic itself. This irony defies the reader’s expectations because it seems that the party-goers are joyful and cheerful, but they all die in the end. The last story that consist of irony is The Lottery. In this story, it’s ironic when old man warner says that it would be nothing but trouble to ridicule the Lottery. The lottery itself is trouble. It defies our expectations because the Lottery doesn’t seem…show more content…
"Pack of young fools.”’(Shirley Jackson- “The Lottery”- page 4, line 20). This quote is an example of irony. Old Man Warner states that it was nothing but trouble to cancel the Lottery, but the Lottery is full of trouble. The Lottery is full of trouble because in the end, there ends up being a casualty. This is an example of verbal irony. It is verbal irony because Old Man Warner says something, that really means the opposite. This story is also be an example of situational irony. It is an example of situational irony because the Lottery is usually associated with winning and money, but in this story, The Lottery is associated with trouble and death. In the beginning, The reader believes that the lottery will be a happy celebration, but once it comes closer to the actually event, the reader figures out the Lottery is actually something very gruesome and scary. This is an example of turn of events because it goes from something happy to something
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