Old Man With Enormous Wings Corruption

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Corruption of Humanities In “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” author Gabriel Garcia Marquez combines natural with supernatural in an encouraging and enthusiastic way that leaves the reader to question what’s in it for them? By blending the most mundane and heinous parts of life: from rainy days to selfish crowds of the corrupt, to the miraculous angel that finally grows in strength and flies away. Marquez effectively transforms the tone creatively and his unique word choices to create a story that unveil elements from everyday lives of society. Marquez had successfully connected the protagonist/antagonist, mysticism, and tone together to prove how society can be corrupted by selfishness and greed. The old man had a human body, but oddly featured wings presented him as the protagonist of the story being the most surreal character. In the other hand, the man has similar traits to what a normal human has, such as human reaction to the people who crowd around him seeking healing. The author takes the qualities that the old man had to be genuinely supernatural, therefore making the true nature of this character to be unknown.…show more content…
Pelayo is the warmest of the characters, but still possesses a natural greed and selfishness. He is primarily concerned with his family and sick child. His decision to shelter and take responsibility for the old man confirms that he isn’t as cruel as he might seem. Elisenda is the most practical character between the couple, relating to the fact that she suggested to using the old man to make money by charging for admission. Her attitude towards the old man is irritable and discontented. It is shown by her behavior changing after the old man’s usefulness decreased, only then saw him as an inconvenience. After the departure of the “angel”, she then realized the importance of the old man with enormous

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