How Does Kate Chopin Use Symbols In The Story Of An Hour

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In the literature “The Story of An Hour” the author Kate Chopin employs lots of symbolism to put assumption and contrasting ideas in the reader’s mind. The first symbol is when Mrs. Mallard is told that her husband is dead and she sinks down in the “comfortable armchair”. The armchair in the story that Mrs. Mallard sits in after isolating herself in her room upon hearing of her husbands' bereavement is described as “sank” and “comfortable". The adjectives used create a feeling of acceptance and embracement of her husband’s death. This could make the reader assume either she is done grieving in his absence or she doesn’t care for him anymore. The location of her in the chair also uncovers hidden symbolism. The chair is facing a opened window which could symbolize being exposed to alteration, also for the window to be open it suggests that it is sunny outside which is a symbol of new life and warmth opposing to her husband’s death which symbolizes coldness and winter. While she looks out the window she sees the tops of trees that “were all quiver with new spring life”, symbolizing new life and making the reader feel as if she had an upcoming pregnancy or birth of her beginning life all over again.…show more content…
Mallard’s husband (being the storm) and the fresh jubilant life she might take on after being unfettered of

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