Story Of An Hour Symbolism And Irony Essay

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When using symbolism and irony in a story you mainly use it to describe a person or a thing. When using irony you see the reality of things and the appearance. Symbolism and irony are two things that were shown in “The Story of an Hour.” For Example when they describe the sky and that it symbolizes beauty of life and how free she is without her husband. When using irony they mainly use it a lot in the story to show how she is free from being with her husband and from her not loving him. There is a manifold of examples of symbolism and irony in “The story of an hour” because they need it to show the reader what each thing symbolizes and to show the meaning of something. We use irony in our everyday life to show someone what’s realistic and what’s not. We use symbolism to describe what’s around us or to describe a person. In The Short Story a women named Louise is a very un…show more content…
Louise felt that the chair was the only place she felt free and were she was able to say what she wanted to say. The chair is the only one who loves her hoe she is and does not show her any love. She felt that the chair was the only one who wanted her near her or wanted to listen to her. It symbolizes love also because she felt comfortable in it and loved sitting there to look out the window and just think about her life and how her life is. In the article “The story of an hour symbolism, imagery, allegory” the author describes the chair as “there stood facing the open window a, comfortable, roomy armchair.” It also symbolizes the open to change from her oppressive life and freedom from societal expectations. She feels that the chair is the only thing she has known that her husband is gone the chair is the only thing she can lean on. She feels the chair will help her think and figure out what she wants her life to be know that she is not with the man she didn’t want in her life anymore. She wants to change and be a happy women know that she

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