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“The State has no business in the bedrooms of the nation” and “what’s done in private between adults doesn’t concern the Criminal Code”. These two statements perfectly portrayed Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s stance on homosexuality and his role in the development of LGBT Rights. His political stance perfectly epitomized the beliefs of (most) Canadians and the values of Canadians across the country. He understood that Canada was growing as a country, as were its people and its perspectives on certain issues. Trudeau knew that people wanted change, he knew that the country was in a position where the youth had great power and a greater voice. His list of achievements and accomplishments during his time as Prime Minister and his overall political career…show more content…
Politically, he believed that the LGBT community deserved to express their sexual desires equally as any other man/woman. With this state of mind, he truly brought a new meaning to the ‘Liberal’ government by removing government interference from their personal life. As Trudeau began to campaign with these political views, he captivated the attention of many Canadians and represented what they stood for. This changed the dynamics of Canadian politics, because the Prime Minister believed in many issues that the general public was concerned about – creating a very unlikely but successful relationship. Had Trudeau not shared these political views, it very likely that homosexuality would not have been legalized in Canada for a much longer time. Even though many people and important groups opposed him and what he stood for, he did not back down because he truly believed in equality for the LGBT community. He believed that Canadians should not be judged or convicted of a crime for their choices in sexual activities or the way they present themselves – he believed in equality. Ultimately, Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s work as a political power led to huge advancements in Canada’s Human Right Laws, but none bigger than the Rights of the LGBT…show more content…
The fact that Siksay was elected as a gay man, without any discrimination clearly showed the great transformation of Canada as a country and its beliefs regarding the LGBT Rights. It perfectly portrayed a country who accepts all types of people – a country which has come a long way. However, Bill Siksay was not just a homosexual man who was elected into Parliament, he was a gay man who strived to continue to fight for LGBT Rights. For him, being elected in Parliament was one thing, but he wanted to do more – he wanted to use his position of power to further the rights of the LGBT community and this is exactly what he did. William Livingstone (Bill) Siksay was born on March 11, 1955, in Oshawa, Ontario. Currently, he is a Canadian politician and has served as an MP from 2004-2011 in B.C, representing the riding of Burnaby-Douglas for the NDP. Siksay is a fairly educated man who graduated with from the University of Toronto with B.A. in 1978. For many years he was a constituency assistant to Svend Robinson and in April 2004 he won the nomination from the NDP to replace Robinson after a jewellery scandal revolving around

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