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In the Hispanic culture, our abuela (grandma) and abuelo (grandpa) play a vital role in the structure of a family. They provide the continuous warmth and emotional support that’s needed within a home. When abuelos are present, it makes the whole family feel complete. At some point I knew that something immense was missing in my life. I never got the experience of having my abuelos in proximity of where I live. My abuelos from both sides of my family are separated and weren’t with me for the majority of my life. My abuela from my father’s side doesn’t get along with my mother; therefore, my availability of seeing her is limited. It was then, by surprise, that my abuela from my mother’s side came to spend time with us on Christmas. That void within my heart filled with ecstasy after not seeing her for more than a decade. Having her there was meaningful. My desire was to have my abuelos with me. I always overheard people talk about their discoveries and adventures with their grandparents and couldn’t help but feel distressed. Families with both grandparents have a healthier structure with fewer family problems. My grandmother left my grandfather when my mom was around the age of five. My grandfather…show more content…
It’s shown me the warmth within a family despite the condition that one is in, the love that is found within ones heart for his/her family and how to be strong for others. I saw the strength my granddad had always carried and will strive to be as sturdy as he was despite the circumstances he was in. This difficulty has allowed my perspective to change and appreciate the family I have. Our faith in God is strong, and we pray that God continues to hold his hand and gives him the strength he needs to battle each day. It’s by God’s will that my granddad is still alive, but I know he’s tired and ready to discover a land flooded with

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