Narrative Report On Banaue To Buscalan

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A 100-year old Filipina woman who lives in the far flung mountains of Buscalan, Kalinga is considered a treasure in the world of tattoo. Named as the last mambabatok (traditional Kalinga tattooist) of the local Butbut tribe. Using charcoal as ink, a lemon thorn and traditional hand- tapped technique, against all odds, people from all over the world come together to get a tattoo from the oldest tattoo artist in the Philippines. The Trip: The trip to Buscalan, Kalinga took more or less 15 hours land trip by van via Banaue from Manila. We left around 11 am and painstakingly endured the long- hour drive, not to mention the twisted road on the side of the cliffs. At 10pm, we arrived in Banaue, checked ourselves into a hostel and left for Busacalan early in the morning. The trip from Banaue to Buscalan is approximately 2 – 3.5 hours drive.…show more content…
There is a specific parking space intended for private vehicles. With a minimal parking fee, you can leave your vehicles overnight. The trek from the drop off area to the village would depend on your pace, but evidently it will be a challenging uphill and downhill hike. For hikers who are fit enough, the hike will only take 30-45mins. Heads up: You will be hiking two steep mountains to the village. Please consider the weight of your bag, the heat of the sun and also your physical ability. Travelers, who have hypertension or any medical problems, please prepare yourself physically prior to the trek or speak with your doctor about your travel plan. There is no available doctor in the village to help you in worst case scenarios. Meeting Apo Wang

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