Examples Of Emotional Change In Hamlet

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In the play Hamlet by Shakespeare many characters undergo a significant change to either their well being or an emotional change. Once change in particular that I noticed and continued to grow was the madness growing inside of Hamlet. Hamlet went to madness after all that has happened to him in his life from his father’s death to his step father attempting to kill him. I feel like Shakespeare added so many static characters in this play to show a significant change in how Hamlet changed from being a saddened child from the death of his father to going on a maddened rampage leading him to slaughter others in his way in his attempt to make what is right of everything happening in his life to instill piece within himself. Hamlet like many others…show more content…
88). Hamlet continues to grow mad which is his shown by his feeling of insignificance “too sullied flesh would melt, thaw, and resolve itself into a dew” Hamlet shows his feeling of insignificance by describing how his flesh will melt away and turn from a solid to gas this is quite an unsettling description which also shows how insane Hamlet may be he feels that as if he could suddenly disappear and no one would even recognize that he was ever gone this can be a sign of depression which is vital to Hamlet’s health also including the emotional struggles he is caring aside from how he feels on being unnoticed. (I.ll.133-134) Hamlet continues with trying to make things right by what he sees fit however at this point he is too mad to know what is truthful and what is wrong as hamlet states “The spirit that I have seen may be a devil.” This shows how he is not sure if he should trust his friends, his gut, and his father’s ghost or if he was just on a wild goose hunt searching
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