Hamlet Movie Vs Play

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Both Almereyda’s movie and Shakespeare’s play share the character of Hamlet. While both depict him as a man living in his own world, struggling with how to deal with Claudius’ murdering of his father, Almereyda’s film depicts Hamlet with some subtle changes in his actions that slightly alter the viewer’s understanding of the story’s plot and message. Hamlet is presented under the same general premise in both the film and the book. He is the son of Hamlet, who, shortly after the story begins, comes to find that his father was killed by his stepfather, Claudius. He is the son out to avenge the death of his father. He is confused, and displays a strong antic disposition that causes the reader (or in the case of the movie, the viewer) to question his sanity. And, in both the film and the book, the plot is complicated by Hamlet’s love for Ophelia, which ultimately ends tragically.…show more content…
A prime example of this is the delivery of Hamlet’s inner thoughts throughout the play. In the play, Hamlet expresses his thoughts through soliloquies, given directly to the audience. Thus, the audience is able to read the inner thoughts of the character. Almereyda delivers the inner thoughts of Hamlet through inner monologues, where it is not Hamlet actually speaking, but rather the face of Hamlet appears on the screen and his thoughts are read to the audience. The initial intention of the soliloquies is to provide the reader with information about Hamlet’s inner thoughts that is not readily apparent from his outward appearance. Unlike the play, some of these parts of the movie feature Hamlet with an outward appearance that nearly reflects his inner thoughts, thus standing in contrast to the intended original goal of the soliloquies, and not giving the audience as much new information about Hamlet as could have been

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