What Shapes Our Personal Identity In The Fault In Our Stars

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What shapes our personal identities and the way we feel about ourselves? You may ask this while reading The Fault In Our Stars, where personality changes do occur. The genre of the book is young adult romance. As we all know, love can change you in many ways. It can turn you into the happiest or the most saddest version of yourself. We question why? Why does a four letter word change who we are in infinite ways? In the book, The Fault In Our Stars, Hazel's mother assumed she was suffering from depression as a symptom of her Thyroid Cancer. Hazel abruptly disagrees. She is not able to go out and have fun like regular teenagers do having to carry around a tank of oxygen. Happiness is not the same until Augustus Waters comes into the picture. He made…show more content…
Which are the exact character traits Hazel needed in her life at the time. The influence those traits had on her really made an impact. Making her a lot more studious. Who you surround yourself with will change who you are. There's a quote, “Choose your friends wisely.” The reason why this quote is said is because the people you hang out with or talk to daily will determine the choices you pick in life. Those choices will make your future what it will eventually be. Augustus does give Hazel Grace amazing adventure opportunities she never had before. For example, using his last wish to bring her to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author, Peter Van Houten , taking her on romantic dates in parks, even attending pre-funerals. They all sound different and exciting. Those events in Hazel's life surprisingly shaped her character. Overall the book The Fault In Our Stars, relates to our personal identity and how we feel about ourselves because Augustus changed the perspective of Hazel Grace. One person can make you differ the way you see yourself even just by their words. Calling Hazel every positive word the English dictionary has to mind is what uplifts Hazel's

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