Depression In Hamlet Research Paper

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Depression is a disorder that affects the mood and leads to constant feeling of sorrow and loss of concern. Depression is not an emotion that just comes and goes whenever you please, but is actually a major issue that can lead to death,intense injuries and psychological instability and unsteadiness. Major depressive disorder affects feelings, thoughts and behaviour. These mood changes can lead to physical and emotional harm. The tragedy of hamlet is a play written by Shakespeare and it stages the payback of Prince Hamlet. There is one major psychological disorder that is depicted by Shakespeare in this play, which is Major Depressive disorder.This disorder is the best disorder fit disorder for Hamlet’s character because he exhibits most symptoms…show more content…
According to Nami website, one symptom of depression is a change in sleep pattern. In the play, Hamlet exhibits this symptom when he claims that he encountered nightmares about disturbing events that are happening in reality such as the death of his father, and the remarriage of his mother. Major Depressive disorder is also shown in the play in Act 3, where Hamlet’s “To be or not to be”(Shakespeare 3.1.57) Soliloquy is seen, which is translated “to live or not to live”. As clearly as it is translated, he contemplates his life thinking if he should actually kill himself or not. Based on psychologists, one of the symptoms of depressions is suicidal thoughts(“Depression”.). Hamlet shows this symptom in the most famous soliloquy in the play. Therefore, hamlet clearly depicts this symptom in the play. Hamlet shows that he is in a depressed state when he relates back to act 1 while speaking to

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