Ellen Stauroswky: Gender Equality And Diversity In Sports

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In the Ellen Stauroswky interview, her main focuses were on gender issues and sport specifically related to pay equity. Throughout the article she made several key points, one of them she felt that women are significantly under represented in the sports organization sectors as for the current level of diversity today. As for the barriers to inclusion and diversity in sports it is the patterning of hiring and hoping for a social change in sports industry for more people of color and women to be hired. These patterns make diversity and inclusion very challenging within some sports organization for not consciously making an effort to facilitate an integrated environment and not creating a climate of inclusion. Our society as a whole continues to struggle with race and gender issues. The example that Ellen Stauroswky used was how, “certain athletic…show more content…
Level of sexism: where people consciously or unconsciously creating a category that excludes women. Also level of labyrinth: which are the steps of making progress are elusive, and the information is not made available to females, constantly having to anticipate what is the next step. In maintaining diversity and inclusion in the workplace Stauroswky believes in recognizing what been happened instead of covering over or devaluing the accomplishments of women that has done this for a very long time. The needs to maintain those things have to start at the top and work down to the bottom and also administering support mechanism to ensure it happens, like mentor programs. In NCAA and USOC for needs to improve diversity and inclusion, the NCAA has the leadership, but the work never falls through. Those similar leaderships need to be seen by each individual school and conference in order to embrace diversity. She also feels that universities need to be held accountable for the disconnect between recruiting of athletes versus recruiting of personnel, them not taking the initiative to look or hire women or people of

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