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Discrimination: Second Class Citizens Discrimination can be found in many different countries around the world. Afghanistan is not different. For many Afghan people, ethnic groups play a huge role is a person’s social status and role in life. Two ethnic groups found in Afghanistan are the Pushtuns and the Hazara. Hazaras have been treated as second class citizens for a long time now. In the film, “The Kite Runner,” we are given a little taste of the discrimination displayed against the Hazara. This film has many different levels of discrimination: discrimination of ethnic groups, discrimination of talent and job choice, and discrimination of a person’s homeland country. Most of the film is set in the Middle Eastern countries of Afghanistan…show more content…
The soundtrack of the film is filled with local music. You can hear the sound of the rubab in almost every song throughout the film. The rubab is a short necked lute that is carved from the trunk of a mulberry tree. Culture is also displayed through the spoken language. According to the 2004 constitution of Afghanistan, Pashto and Dari are the official languages of the country. Even after Amir and his father move to the United States they continue to speak their native language around each other. Once in a while they do speak some English. This is a prime example of acculturation, an exchange of cultural features between groups in firsthand contact (Kottak, 2013). The two prevalent Afghan ethnic groups in the film are the Pushtuns and the Hazaras. The Pushtuns are viewed as high-class citizens in contrast to the Hazaras. At one point the film, Hazara people are said to be at the same level as animals. Hazaras have a low socio-economic status shown by the treatment they receive, the jobs available, and their education level. They are given this ascribed status by no choice of their own. It is only because of their…show more content…
I did notice a stereotype when Amir and his father moved to the United States, Baba worked at a gas station to support his family. This appears to be a common stereotype of foreigners making a living in the United States. Another example of stereotyping in the film is when Hassan is framed for stealing Amir’s watch. This would be a common stereotype the Pushtun ethnic group would cultivate of the Hazara ethnic group. Baba also had preconceived notions about Russians and that influenced his physician choice when he seeks medical care in

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