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Introduction The roles of the advanced practice nurses (APNs) are evolving and becoming more prevalent among our society. APNs are registered nurses (RNs) who have chosen to advance their education in the medical field. They are able to apply this advanced knowledge and understanding to provide evidence-based care to patients. Their There are several different areas they can select to practice as an APN. Some of these areas consist of functioning as a certified nurse-midwife (CNM), certified nurse specialist (CNS), certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA) or certified nurse practitioners (CNPs). Nurse practitioners (NPs) are able to treat patients experiencing acute or chronic illness. They are also able to perform physical examinations,…show more content…
There are nine core competencies identified that will institute the standards all NPs need to follow. These competencies consist of scientific foundation, leadership, quality, practice inquiry, technology and information literacy, policy, health delivery system, ethics, and independent practice. Scientific Foundation…show more content…
They will research and implement clinical skills that will improve the way care is delivered to patients. NPs will act as leaders for practice inquires. Technology Information Literacy Competencies Technology is constantly changing and this should include the medical field. It is imperative NPs are knowledgeable on how to use newly designed technology. They should also be active is researching technology to improve the way health care is administered. Policy Competencies Policies are a major component of healthcare. It is essential that NPs are knowledgeable and able to understand different policies. They will allow them to effectively evaluate current policies and contribute to the development new polices. Health Delivery System Competencies The way health care is delivered is crucial to all organizations. The role of NPs involves examining the affects health care have on the entire population. They should seek ways to improve how it is being delivered. Ethics Competencies NPs should be knowledgeable in understanding ethical issues. They should have good decision making skills and ability to apply good ethical

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