Examples Of Collaborative Practice

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Two examples of collaborative practice that I have done or been able to see are think, pair, share and numbered heads together. Think, pair, share it is a strategy that I have done before during my co-teaching in ES203. During my lesson I had the students use think, pair, share with the neighbors to make sure everyone understood the lesson and ask any questions they might have to their neighbor in hopes that maybe together they could figure out the answer. The students first think about the question and try to find an answer for themselves. They then pair up with a partner, and share the answers they got and discuss how the got them. With numbered heads together I have seen it be taught during my numerous times in the classroom. For this the teacher creates groups of usually four and gives each group member their own number. The students then must discuss the problem together and come up with an answer they all agree upon. The teacher will then go to each group…show more content…
If I decide to teach a specific lesson a specific way I have to make sure that I do it correctly. My teaching can affect other teachers and professionals as I will be a base of learning for students and need to set them up for success with other teachers. My teaching also affects the parents. My relationship with students is crucial to helping them become more confident. Having parents be involved with my classroom and their students learning can help the students continue to learn outside of the classroom. If students can do their homework outside of class then we can learn even more during the day. Out of class lessons can be even more effective with the help of parents. If I make sure parents are informed of what is going on in our class then they can be a source of help for their students. My actions can set a student up for success or failure with every choice I make. My job is to make sure that my choices lead them to
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