Comparing Two Film Versions Of 'The Great Gatsby'

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Gatsby's Death Rossana Leung Films can have talented actors, a brilliantly written script, and a great budget, but it really needs a good director to turn it into a successful movie. In both film versions of The Great Gatsby, based off of F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel, the murder of Gatsby great symbolizes the theme of death of dreams. Jay Gatsby's greatest dream was to be happy with Daisy Buchanan, the woman he has loved for the past five years who picked another man over him since Gatsby was not wealthy at the time. The 2013 adaptation starring Leonardo DiCaprio was more effective of demonstrating the theme of death of dreams than Jack Clayton's 1974 version through the brilliant use of visual effects, cinematography, and music. First, the theme is better shown in Baz Luhrmann's recent version of the tragic novel…show more content…
Gatsby, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is anxiously waiting for a phone call from Daisy before he is shot by George Wilson, who assumed he had an affair with his wife before Gatsby viciously killed her, whereas in the older version, Gatsby heard Wilson coming through his house and called out Daisy's name, thinking it was her.The pale, cool colors are present in both films, but Baz's film really stood out by having a beautiful scenery and having a shot of Tom and Daisy's mansion before Gatsby collapses and falls into the pool. It symbolizes how hard he has worked to impress Daisy, who is materialistic and prefers a man of wealth who can satisfy her with all her needs. He has spent years getting wealthy through illegal ways and bought the mansion across the bay

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