Examples Of Happiness In The Great Gatsby

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Who knows more about what it means to be happy than Aristotle himself. Before America even became a country, Aristotle wrote in his Nicomachean Ethics about what it meant to be happy, and what ‘the good of men’ would become for the distant future of man. To Aristotle, the best way to him, was figuring out the end purpose to the goals individuals should set for themselves, and hopefully earning the happiness these individuals crave so dearly (Neel Burton). Fast forwarding to when America was becoming a new country, happiness was always the main goal. The Puritans came to America in hopes to creating a better church that would make them ‘happy’. This goal to happiness for the Americans became the ‘American Dream’. Although, it comes with a sad down fall. The main character in Fitzgerald’s novel strived to grasp the idea of happiness in the American Dream, however, it ended with a sad tale of how it only causes pain. Fitzgerald was deeply inspired by past American authors, and completely uses Jefferson, Franklin, and Emerson, to fully depict what his novel represents. The Great Gatsby demonstrates various examples of how the fight to get the American Dream is a long and treacherous journey, and how it…show more content…
History that unfolded, what is being unfolded this very minute, and what will unfold in the future, and it all started with the idea of time, and the Puritans: “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” (180). Fitzgerald, might have intended for the last lines to be about Gatsby and his ability to ignore time, and work towards a better self, however, no matter how hard you try to paddle the boat in one spot, the current will always come from a head and bring you into something new. This was Gatsby’s failure. He managed to pull through experiences both physical, and spiritual, however could not come to terms with what was really occurring before his
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